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Dr Sunil Kapoor Bhopal, M.P. India

Education in India is going reforms in many ways and yet needs to go through more. This will actually promote the level of education imparted in various institutes and will help in producing more capable and efficient professionals in various fields, who are not only knowledgeable but also empathetic towards the society. Education alone is of no use if it is not wrapped in the embrace of empathy and humanity. No matter what level of knowledge one gets, it is incomplete without the values imparted along with them. The RKDF University in Bhopal, under the aegis of Dr Sunil Kapoor aims to achieve just that.

Dr Kapoor, a devoted and enthusiastic educationalist himself, believes in a holistic development of the youth of the nation. Keeping this in mind, he has always focused on building better educational system in the University which also value-based. However, one of the challenges that the universities face apart from an all-inclusive learning system is a faculty that is capable of providing the same to its students. Thus, one of the major focus areas of Dr Kapoor, as the chairman of the RKDF University is to get reliable and capable faculties, who will not only impart high quality education but also imbibe the value system in their students.

The world is such that it needs a synergy of knowledge from various fields and thus, the focus of the RKDF Group is to ensure that there is a multi-dimensional knowledge sharing among its students, so that it gradually moves towards becoming a ‘Global Knowledge Enterprise’. RKDF University is marching towards meeting these challenges to become a ‘Global Knowledge Enterprise’.  In alignment with this motive, the University strikes a proper balance between various fields or specialisations like Humanities, Social Sciences, Science and Engineering.

The old school methods of education needed reform and thus the organisation, under the leadership of Kapoor, is eventually breaking the age-old traditional departmental boundaries by implementing interdisciplinary approach in teaching and research. Knowledge sharing through global networks and connections with international professional and educational organisations is an effective measure taken by the RKDF group that helps in enhancement of skills and better opportunities to the students.

Brief Introduction About The Chairman

Dr Sunil Kapoor, the chairman of the RKDF university is an M.B.B.S, DCH, MIAP, PCMS and has done his PGDBM in Finance. He is also a PhD in UK, Finance Management. Dr Kapoor started off as the Honorary Advisor to Educational Societies in Central India. In this very initial stage of his career itself, he contributed in capacity building of institute, development of knowledge resources and development of leaders. Post this, Dr Kapoor had served in various roles in the State and Central Government. As a Chairman of MPSEDC, he turned around an 18 years loss making unit of the company into profit making healthy financial units. Not only this, but he also recovered all losses incurred in 18 years. As the board member of Jute Corporation of India, Calcutta, he had organised strategic planning sessions for weak area analysis, and motivated marketing department and implemented recovery strategies.

He has also been a member of Prasar Bharti, where he was an in-charge in Finance and Audit committee and Personnel Committee. He has been an advisor to Honourable Minister, Ministry of Water Resources and also a Chairman of Indo Japanese Venture between Fujitsu, Japan and Government of Madhya Pradesh. He was also the honorary advisor, total Diagnostics Ltd, where he initiated a 360 degree scale-up. He has also served as the President of Chamber of Commerce & Industries, where he directed the establishment of around 350 industrial units in a new Industrial estate near Bhopal where his primary focus was the betterment of industries. He had also served as the Vice Chairman (Finance) All India Football Federation, where he strategised and devised methods to promote football in the country.

Progress always has the accompaniment of responsibility and one who shrugs responsibility cannot aim at enhancing anything. Being aware of this Dr Kapoor always plays his role with utmost honesty and tries to serve the society in whichever way possible. His aim of providing high-quality education with cutting- edge technology comes along with the passion to serve the needful in his full capacity. Working in the same line, the RKDF University in Bhopal extend their support to the villages through their extension programs. Thus, Dr Sunil Kapoor believes that education in cohesion with humanity will always lead to progress of the future of the nation.

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